Teaching Philosophy

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My philosophy for teaching is to deliver simple and effective instruction to improve students’ performance.

I use a combination of core principles from biomechanics, scientific research in motor learning and educational psychology as a framework. My goal is to maximize the time I spend with students to help them learn efficiently.


All too often players spend more time practicing what they have already learned than working on the areas that are costing them strokes on the course. A great coach works with a player to identify the areas that need improvement and develops an implementation plan based on how a specific golfer learns new skills. While all of us would love to have unlimited time to devote to the sport, time is limited and efforts are sometimes misguided.

In this website, you will read more about the three essential parts that are necessary for a coach and player to develop a clear, actionable, and time-efficient plan to improve one’s golf game: mechanics, competitive practice, and play.


Sound mechanics are the first things learned in golf; What players work on should suit their own physiological makeup, in other words, what a player's body is capable of doing. My training stems largely from the laws of physics, cause and effect, and research into what makes the golf swing repeatable and efficient. I use JC Video software, ball flight tracking with Flightscope, a Casio highspeed camera, and when appropriate, the Golf BioDynamics 3-D system with Rob Neal PhD, for a closer look at kinematic sequencing.


While skill building and mechanics are best worked on in a practice area because they require concentration on movements themselves, competitive practice is a way to transfer skills into a real-life playing situation. This is a much like a scrimmage in soccer practice. Game-like practice is the best way to help transfer what you've learned over onto the golf course. This area is what some have called, "transfer training".


The ultimate goal when training with a coach is to play. Learning to play includes how one manages club selections, shot selections, and behaviors and emotions on the course. I like to see people in action on the golf course as much as possible. A good part of my teaching is done on the course in real playing conditions.

My philosophy for teaching is to deliver simple and effective instruction to improve students’ performance.
Trillium is a nationally recognized PGA & LPGA golf instructor based at Woodmont Country Club in Rockville, Maryland. WIth over a decade of experience teaching golf, she has trained thousands of students. Her research-based training approach combines three critical areas of competency: mechanics, competitive practice, and play.

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