Lesson FAQ’s


“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”

Derek Bok, president of Harvard University.


What is the cost?

Investment - 1 hour adult lesson: $175 +tax and a 1 hour junior under 21 years old is $150 +tax . You may bill it to a club account if it’s the area or pay credit card in the Golf Shop. If you have a group of 3-5 people, the cost is $60 p/person. Inquire for larger groups or outing events.

What’s included?

As you know, your goals are likely to be entirely different than another person’s goals. Therefore, I begin every lesson by asking open ended questions about how I can help you and why you are here. Depending on what it is you want to work on and where you want to go, I might use the following features:

  • A Coach Now account to serve as an online locker for your personalized videos, drills and communication line to me

  • Use of Trackman to quantify carry distances, launch conditions or other factors relating to your swing

  • Short game work on a 3 acre area with ProV1 golf balls

  • On-course time

  • K-Vest for 3D assessments and biofeedback training

  • Boditrak for pressure information

How many lessons will I need?

It depends — The number of lessons you need will depend on what your goals are, how often you can practice, and the level of difficulty of what we work on. If you want a simple tune up with some confirmation that you are on the right track, then one or two may do it. If you are hoping to play in college and you haven’t broken 90 yet, then we will need to schedule a weekly session.

Do you offer packages?

No — We do not offer packages, however, you are encouraged to book several lesson times in advance to hold your spot.

What if I want to work on something specific?

Yes—Of course you can work on something specific! You can work on whatever you’d like! Come with a list of questions or issues that you’d like to address and we can go through it. You may need more than one hour to really get into making a meaningful change, but ultimately, you are in charge of setting the goals.

Can I share a lesson with a friend or child?

Yes— You may bring someone else to share the lesson (and split the cost, if you’d like) or a child to participate during your lesson time. Depending on the skill level of the people involved, the time may be spent with both at once or in more separate chunks (15 minutes with one person, 15 minutes with another person). We can decide that on the spot.

What happens if it rains?

Woodmont has an indoor/outdoor facility with private teaching bays. In the event of rain, the lesson goes on! Check in with Trillium ahead of time if you were hoping to schedule something that cannot be worked on indoors (like bunkers or green reading).

Can we go on the golf course?

Probaby — With two golf courses at Woodmont it’s likely that there will be an opening but there are times where the normal golf rounds are high and there just aren’t openings. That being said, I spend most of my time with students on the course as opposed to the lesson tee during the summer because that is a great way to practice performing!

Do you do club fittings?

Yes —  I always look at someone’s bag and take a look at the yardage gapping, the fit, etc. I can take a look at your clubs during a lesson and give a few options while we are working on things. For an in depth look at your bag or when looking to replace clubs, I recommend booking a time with my colleague, Andy Heiberger, on our Professional staff. He specializes in club fitting and will do an amazing job making sure you have the right equipment.

What if I don’t have clubs?

No problem — We have golf clubs you can borrow for a lesson at no charge. Simply arrive a little early and ask one of the Golf Professionals in the shop to set you up with something.

What should I wear?

Woodmont has a dress code policy as follows:

All players must wear approved clothing and shoes. Shirts must be tucked in, at all times. Shorts must be longer than four inches above the knee. Players must wear hats forward at all times. Blue jeans, halter tops, tank tops, tennis, swimming and exercise attire (including athletic-style shorts) are not permitted on the golf course, range or other practice areas. Golf shoes with metal or ceramic spikes are not permitted. Questions about proper golf attire may be directed to the golf professional staff.

I’ve never been to Woodmont, what do I do when I get there?

The practice tee is located adjacent to the Golf Shop, a stand alone building, that is inaccessible by car. You may choose to complimentary valet your car and the outside staff will shuttle your golf bag to the first tee staging area, or you may carry your bag to the golf shop, in which case the shortest walking distance is past the tennis courts. You will take a left at the fork after entering the club and then an immediate right into the parking lot near the tennis building (red roof).

What is the cancellation policy?

The club’s cancellation policy is 24 hours. Inside of that, you are responsible for 100% of the lesson rate.

Do you teach in the winter?

Yes — The winter is an excellent time to work on your technique and get deeper into the analysis of how you can improve your movement. The heated teaching bays make it a comfortable atmosphere and whether you’re keeping the door up and hitting balls out into the range, or the the door down, there is always something productive to do.