A Few Definitions to Store in Your Back Pocket for Later...


The definitions you need are:

Stability – “a behavioral state of a system that represents a preferred behavioral state and incorporates the notion of invariance by noting that a stable system will spontaneously return to a stable state after it is slightly perturbed.”(Magill 2010, p.97) An example of stability would be the trunk and hips in an upright position to walk. They can bend but then they will return upright.

Attractors – The stable behavioral states of systems. These are the preferred behavioral states such as the head swiveling towards the target with the thorasic spine in the follow through of a golf swing.

Order Parameters – Variables that define the overall behavior of a system. The order parameters in a golf swing would involve the shoulder rotation in the backswing, the upper arm extension and wrist hinge, and then the forward pelvic thrust toward the target in the forward swing along with a weight shift.

Control Parameters – The variable that will change the stability and order parameters. This is what tests out the attractor states. An example could be to set a golf swing on a very difficult lie such as a severe slope. This changes the balance of the person swinging.

Coordinative structures - When a persons nervous system constrains certain movements so that they coordinate to achieve a specific action goal. A shot in golf where the ball is under a low-lying branch would call for an abbreviated backswing.

Self –Organization - A specific stable pattern of behavior that emerges when certain conditions are present in a situation. This is all over the place in golf such as when a player is on a putting green and they know that their lower limbs need complete stillness without any movement.

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