10 Commandments of Mind Power Golf


I don't remember where this commandment list originally came from, but I rediscovered it while looking through my collection of notes and binders.

I had transcribed it to a piece of paper and slipped it into the cover of my teaching folder to show students. It's a nice way to put golf into perspective.

Thou shalt…

…have a great attitude

…always believe in thyself

…play thine own game

…play one shot at a time

…play with patience

…commit to every shot

…keep thy game simple

…play with no expectations

…play with trust

…never, ever give up

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#Repost @golf_com ・・・ To achieve proper weight shift, @trillium_rose says you should try this easy drill: Plant an alignment rod in the ground on the outside of your right leg in set up, keeping it at the same angle as your leg. As you turn back, you should not hit the stick. This’ll help you achieve proper weight shift and a more fundamentally sound swing. @jlindebergsport @titleist @gfore
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